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About Us


Hi, it is so good to know that you are interested in knowing our story. Well, it's a short story as 'Aakar India' took shape very recently in 2019 with the vision of beautifying people's lives by bringing together everyday essentials be it 'Home Decor', 'Organic Soaps', 'DIY STEM Toys' and many others from around India at their door steps. This literally means to bring the beautiful craftsmanship from various parts of India to your home, office, garden or anyplace you would love to add beauty to.


The Name- Aakar India

'Aakar' simply means-'Shape'.Every design article has it's own distinguished shape that tells the story behind it's existence. It makes us wonder, how it must be thought of,conceptualized, efforts that were put in it, talent that was expressed in it and everything else about it taking a 'Shape'. We make a sincere effort to bring those beautiful 'shapes' directly from talented artisans around India. Hence...the name.


Giving Back

We all deposit so much in us from the society around us, from the people we meet, from the environment we live in. It becomes our collective responsibility to give back in whatever small way possible for the greater good of the society. A part of your spending on 'Aakar India' goes for a social cause that makes someone's life better,easier and more importantly, happier. It is for this reason, during the Covid situation,we have joined hands with a newly formed NGO, 'Ulhas India' for the distribution of protective face mask to financially disadvantaged people.

Environmental Sustainability

We believe in helping environment by doing sustainable products that provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health and environment over their whole life cycle.

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